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For thirty-five years and counting, Gaylord Clark has been involved with the commercial fisheries in the Mid-Atlantic, North Pacific, and Bering Sea. Two Oceans Seafoods, which he and his family started in 2003, has been sourcing wild-caught fin and shellfish for chefs, retailers and local consumers through a network of commercial fishermen. Gaylord continues to fish annually on the family's fishing vessel, Jack of Hearts, in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Two Oceans takes great pride sourcing its  seafood from well-managed fisheries, many of which have earned Marine Stewardship Council certifications for management and sustainability. You are welcome to subscribe to our monthly Fish List of flash-frozen products and get additional details for ordering by emailing us at:

Two Oceans Seafoods offers Jack of Hearts®    vacuum-sealed, flash-frozen portions and fillets from East and West coast fisheries to restaurants, grocery stores, and individual customers. These products are available at our Farmers' Markets and other select locations.

Our  "Fresh-from-the-Vessel" program sources seafood from the New Jersey, Maryland, Carolina coasts, and Chesapeake Bay providing fresh fin and shellfish to seafood markets and restaurant  clients. Two Oceans carries no fresh seafood inventory. These products are available on a per order basis only. Selection and delivery is directly tied to the vessels' schedules and particular fishery. 



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Contact us via email: or by phone: 410.415.5846 to subscribe to our weekly text notifications. These notices provide product availability, pricing, and vessel schedules - including notices of arrival.

We also offer Fin and Feathers, a three-month subscription for families, large or small, modeled on Community Supported Agriculture programs. For more information or to subscribe to our monthly deliveries contact us at: