Two Oceans True Foods

Responsibly raised and sourced eggs, poultry, fish and seafood

Our Farm

 Located in the Greenspring Valley, northwest of Baltimore and twenty minutes from the harbor, Carriage House Farms has been in the Clark family for nearly 100 years. Purchased in 1928 by Gaylord's grandparents, the farm provided sustenance for the first and second generations of family into the early 1950's when the raising of livestock gave way to crops and hay in the 1960's. In 2003, moving back to Baltimore after eighteen years in the Pacific Northwest, Gaylord and Lee Ann Clark and their daughters, along with Gaylord's parents shifted focus back to livestock again. Opting for a pasture-based model of agriculture as the most effective means of achieving an environmentally harmonious and sustainable operation, the Clarks purchased their first small flocks of chickens and heritage turkeys to raise on the farm. For the last ten years and counting, the poultry on the farm has enjoyed the  benefits of the Maryland outdoors through the changing seasons, and the Clarks have been pleased to offer products of exceptional flavor from birds which have lived especially well. 

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Chefs, retailers, and individuals are encouraged to call us about our products and their availability. We look forward to working with you. We invite everyone to pay us a visit on the farm, see how our operation works and get to know some of our birds.